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Amy Collins

Lead Consultant


My Story

Why I joined Scentsy...I went to a party unsure about Scentsy and fell in love with their products. Then I hosted a party and shared it with my friends. Now Scentsy is something I use at home and work every day and love the products. I want everybody to have easy access to Scentsy.
I love the beautiful quality products that Scentsy sells that are ever changing. The fragrances are amazing and so affordable. ĪĪ love that you can have them always going and don't have the worry like candles.
Since being a Scentsy Consultant, I learnt so much. I love being part of a team and a leader. I've now been with Scentsy for two years and love the extra pocket money and products. My next goal is to earn one of Scentsy's amazing incentive trips for free.

My Favourite Scents